The CLRA NL provides leadership to benefit members involved in the unionized construction industry by establishing a productive, competitive and stable labour environment.


Who we are

The CLRA NL is the sole bargaining agent for all unionized employers engaged in the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors in the construction industry in Newfoundland and Labrador.

We are dedicated to providing strong representation for our members in labour relations matters, negotiations of Provincial Agreements and to promote labour stability.

The CLRA NL is engaged with the negotiation and administration of 16 provincial construction collective agreements with each individual construction trade union. Our work includes the negotiation and administration of collective agreements, which may require specific flexibility to respond to the nature of the industry. 

The CLRA NL coordinates industry-specific training opportunities with guidance from our members to support a highly trained work force. The CLRA NL believes that providing training opportunities to our members to enhance and develop their job skills is not only in the best interest of the construction industry, but also in the best interest of the Province.

Terry French
T: 753-5770

Lorraine Rideout
Executive Assistant
T: 753-5770

Danielle Browne
Director of Communications & Training
T: 753-5770

Heather MacLean
Director of Operations
T: 753-5770

Director at Large
Chris Crotty, Chair


Insulators Trade Division
Kevin McEvoy, Vice Chair
Icon Insulation


Director at Large
David Cahill, Treasurer
Cahill Fabrication


Millwrights Trade Division
Chris Bragg, Secretary
Emish Partnership


Director at Large
Jim Murray, Senior Advisor
JSM Electrical


Boilermakers Trade Division
George Dalton
Black and McDonald


Plumbers Trade Division
John Hiscock
Canadian Process Services Inc.


Electricians Trade Division
Fred Cahill
G.J. Cahill Limited


Bricklayers Trade Division
Peter Smith
JSM Offshore Ltd.


Painters Trade Division
Doug Youden

Linespersons Trade Division
Kevin Gosse
Locke’s Electrical Ltd.


Ironworkers Trade Division
Paul McGrath
NL Steelworks


Labourers Trade Division
Matthew Mallam
Olympic Construction


Operating Engineers Trade Division
Kevin Mouland
Pennecon Ltd.


Sheet Metal Trade Division
Chris King
Pennecon Industrial Services


Sprinklers Trade Division
Ed Griffin
Atlantica Mechanical


Elevators Trade Division
Nina Hussey
ThyssenKrupp Elevators


Carpenters Trade Division
Andrew Batstone


Director at Large
Brian Kane
Canard Build


Director at Large
George Collins
Lindsay Construction

What we do