Our Services

Currently, the CLRA has 65 participating members, as well as many other unionized contractors who work in this industry. Membership in the CLRA is voluntary, and services are provided to members as well as independent contractors. CLRA members, however, are eligible for election to the Association’s governing bodies including the Board of Directors, Executive, and trade sectors providing them with the opportunity of participating in Association policymaking and industry negotiations.

The CLRA maintains a 20-person Board of Directors which includes a 5-person Executive, and is a registered Association in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The diversity and calibre of our Board of Directors allows the CLRA to offer hundreds of years of expertise and experience to our members. Our affiliation with the National Construction Labour Relations Association (NCLRA) and with other provincial CLRA Associations gives us access to, and participation in, industry wide research and adds further experience and value to our Association.

The CLRA is committed to providing assistance and value to our members and representative companies.

  • The mandate of the CLRA is to work on behalf of its members to
  • Develop a positive approach to labour relations
  • Provide value and assistance to unionized contractors
  • Create a good labour relations environment.
  • Create a stable construction industry
  • Ensure labour stability

Thus helping to keep the industry and the Province in a competitive position to acquire maximum work, guaranteed for a long period of time, and sending the message to the rest of the world that Newfoundland and Labrador is the place to do work.

How is this accomplished?

The negotiation and administration of 16 provincial construction collective agreements with each individual building trade union, as well as maintaining an excellent working relationship with the Newfoundland and Labrador Building and Construction Trade Council (NLBCTC) based on mutual respect and partnership (see attached list of 16 Provincial Collective Agreements).

The negotiation and administration of project labour agreements, which may require specific flexibility to respond to the nature of the project, and acceptable to the owner/employer, who always have the final say in what is or what is not acceptable.

Training to be a value added initiative. Having a highly trained work force to meet industry demands is of major importance. CLRA believes that providing training opportunities to its members, to enhance and develop their job skills is not only in the best interest of the construction industry, but also in the best interests of the Province. Creating a skilled, highly qualified work force that is able to deal with the industry’s ever changing needs will create a stable construction industry by helping to reduce / eliminate issues and grievances, while promoting and increasing productivity.

The End Result:

CLRA believes that ensuring labour stability in this industry is a combination of having a stable supply of workers trained with all of the necessary skill sets to do the job, promoting labour peace and productivity. CLRA’s goal is to create an environment of work in this Province that provides all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians with guaranteed work for a very long period of time, and responds to the needs of employers, employees, the Province and all stakeholders.

CLRA Collective Agreements Listing – 16 Unions:

  • International Association of Bridge, Structural and Ornamental Ironworkers Local 764
  • International Association of Heat and Frost Insulator and Asbes Workers Local 137
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1620
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 2330
  • International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 855
  • International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local No. 1
  • International Union of Elevator Constructors Local 125A
  • International Union of Operating Engineers Local 904
  • International Union of Painters and Allied Trades Local 1984
  • Labourers International Union of North America Local 1208
  • Sheet Metal Workers International Association Local 512
  • United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America Local 579
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Regional Council of Millwrights Local 1009
  • United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 740
  • International Union of Boilermakers Local 203
  • Hotel and Restaurant Workers Local 779